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Submitted on
November 28, 2013


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:iconkevissimo: The Witness by Kevin Rolly on November 23, 2013… kevissimo
:iconpavement-artist: Gaze by Pavement-artist on November 21, 2013… Pavement-artist
:iconraduniculescu: :iconsimonamoon: Mine by Radu and Simona on November 18, 2013… simonamoon RaduNiculescu
:iconjessicamdouglas: Woops by Jessica Doucglas on November 16, 2013… JessicaMDouglas
:iconlanse1921: In Memorium - Lansing Eugene Tryon on November 14, 2013… Lanse1921
:iconobserver14: Mountain Stream by Observer 14 on November 12, 2013… Observer14
:iconaniamohrbacher: Midsummer Night's Dream by Ania Mohrbacher on November 10, 2013… AniaMohrbacher
:iconpetemohrbacher: Wake by One-Vox on November 9, 2013… PeteMohrbacher
:iconflingling: The greatest treasure by Kajsa Flinkfeldt on November 6, 2013… Flingling
:iconkaastriiiot: kaastriiiot on November 2, 2013… kaastriiiot
:iconsulamoon: Self Portrait Day 2013 by SulaMoon on November 1, 2013… SulaMoon
:iconblackpadfoot713: Stare-down in black and white by blackpadfoot713 on October 27, 2013… blackpadfoot713
:icontanikel: Saying Goodbye by tanikel on October 25, 2013… tanikel
:iconesraaysu: Landscape... by Esra Aysu on October 19, 2013… EsraAysu
:icononlynude: Blessings of Earth and Sky by OnlyNude on October 17, 2013… Onlynude
:iconkismetandserendipity: Welcome back, Shauna on October 13, 2013… KismetAndSerendipity
:iconthesilversunbeam: Collodion Lilies by Geoffrey and Miss L on October 4, 2013… TheSilverSunbeam
:iconprincess-amy: Station and Market by Princess-Amy on September 28, 2013… Princess-Amy
:iconclippercarrillo: The Kansas Clipper on September, 21, 2013… clippercarrillo
:iconagnsun: Unity of heart and soul by Agnieszka on September 14, 2013… agnsun
:iconschelly: Ghosts in my guitar by Magda Nowacka on September 7, 2013… schelly
:iconsirjumala: Protection by SirJumala on September 3, 2013… SirJumala
:icontanikel: Little Courage by Kristina Truluck on August 29, 2013… tanikel
:iconriana-art: Sir Marcus of Galloway by Riana-art on August 26, 2013… Riana-art
:iconwessonnative: Snowy Egret at Sunrise by Wessonnative on August 23, 2013… Wessonnative
:iconshenanigan87: Alive and Kicking by Soma on August 19, 2013… shenanigan87
:iconmalessere: A Tribute to Mr. Steven by Mr. Alberto on August 16, 2013… malessere
:iconumbigophotography: Thunderstorm by In�s on August 13, 2013… umbigophotography
:iconbeaunestor: Little John on August 9, 2013… BeauNestor
:iconfragile-eyes-fiction: Like a Tree by Michael Fournier on August 5, 2013… Fragile-Eyes-Fiction
:iconnivelis: Three Graces by Dariusz 'Nivelis' on July 31, 2013… Nivelis
:iconrb67pros: Hulda's jungle by Heinz B�rks on July 29, 2013… RB67ProS
:iconduncanjberry: :icongingersfunkyphotos: :iconmysty-spirit: :iconno3rdangel: Favorite Flowers on July 3, 2013…
:iconjessicamdouglas: Apocalypse: Strife by Jessica M Douglas on June 30, 2013… JessicaMDouglas
:iconobserver14: The 5-Wart General by Observer14 on June 28, 2013… Observer14
:icongriff13: Silk by Griff13 on June 23, 2013… Griff13
:iconthesilversunbeam: Help a friend... (reposted from signalbox) on June 21, 2013… TheSilverSunbeam
:iconduncanjberry: True learning by Duncan Berry on June 12, 2013… DuncanJBerry
:iconjillauville: The Dead Creek by Jill Auville on June 10, 2013… JillAuville
:iconobserver14: Chuck by Chuck on June 5, 2013… Observer14
:iconrdungan1918: Cape Hatteras Jetty by Robert Dungan on June 1, 2013… rdungan1918
:iconjessicamdouglas: Serenity by Jessica Douglas on May 28, 2013… JessicaMDouglas
:iconadhd-art: Country Girl by AHDH-art on May 24, 2013… ADHD-art
:icongoldengirl11: Goldenrod by the Golden Girl on May 21, 2013… goldengirl11
:iconnamelessfaithlessgod: Helicopters by Dan Wales on May 18, 2013… NamelessFaithlessGod
:iconsocar: HERE IS MY SMILE! by Socar Myles on May 14, 2013… socar
:iconelsakroese: Drifting Isle Chronicles - covers by Elsa Kroese  on May 5, 2013… ElsaKroese
:iconkevissimo: The Rise of Abimelech by Kevin Rolly on May 3, 2013… kevissimo
:iconmonochromaticembrace: :iconsulamoon: :iconclippercarrillo: :iconduncanjberry: :iconepytafe: Red (and a touch of pink) on April 28, 2013… MonochromaticEmbrace SulaMoon clippercarrillo DuncanJBerry Epytafe
:icongoldengirl11: :icongold-seven: :iconclippercarrillo: Spring has sprung on April 25, 2013… goldengirl11 Gold-Seven clippercarrillo
:iconduncanjberry: April is here by Duncan J Berry on April 20, 2013… DuncanJBerry
:iconhongatar: British Museum by Heidi on April 15, 2013… Hongatar
:iconkakaoconad: Austerlitz by kakaoconad and Yashica-D on April 11, 2013… kakaoconad
:iconelsakroese: Spindrift by Elsa Kroese on April 6, 2013… ElsaKroese
:icongingersfunkyphotos: The Shoes by Ginger on April 3, 2013… gingersfunkyphotos
:iconline-of-birds: St. Patrick's Day Aurora 2013 by Kimberly on March 31, 2013… Line-of-Birds
:iconagnsun: Up by Agnieszka on March 27, 2013… agnsun
:iconjeshannon: Kingly Oak by JE Shannon on March 18, 2013… jeshannon
:iconno3rdangel: Peaceful by Amy Sarfinchan on March 16, 2013… No3rdAngel
:icongingersfunkyphotos: Looking out the window by Ginger on March 14, 2013… gingersfunkyphotos
:iconduncanjberry: Youth is gone by Duncan J Berry on March 9, 2013… DuncanJBerry
:iconprincess-amy: Rainbow Dash by Princess Amy on March 7, 2013… Princess-Amy
:iconakpanda: Still by Amanda on March 4, 2013… akpanda
:iconsulamoon: Happy birthday, SulaMoon! on March 1, 2013… SulaMoon
:iconmonochromaticembrace: Love by Codi and Stephen Watson on February 27, 2013… MonochromaticEmbrace
:iconkevissimo: The death of Sisera by Kevin Rolly on February 22, 2013… kevissimo
:icongold-seven: The Oath has been awakened, by Jenny Dolfen on February 19, 2013… Gold-Seven
:iconsarahkb: From the window of my room by Sarah Karlsson on February 16, 2013… sarahkb
:iconwessonnative: Early Morning in the Delta by Dan Johnson on February 11, 2013… Wessonnative
:iconamarys: Stained Glass Dragon by Annah Wootten on February 9, 2013… amarys
:iconjillauville: Jill's Ptarrotdactyl on February 7, 2013… JillAuville
:iconberniepetterson: Bernie Petterson is weird on February 6, 2013… BerniePetterson
:iconpuimun: On the Darkest Night by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law on February 2, 2013… puimun
:iconkismetandserendipity: Gandalf on January 31, 2013… KismetAndSerendipity
:iconclippercarrillo: The Old Man by Rene Carrillo on January 29, 2013… clippercarrillo
:iconkatielindphotography: Forgiveness by Katie Lind on January 26, 2013… KatieLindPhotography
:iconsocar: Sweet ride, egret! by Socar on January 24, 2012… socar
:iconnamelessfaithlessgod: Big Beautiful Doll by Daniel Wales on January 20, 2013… NamelessFaithlessGod
:icon2stupid2duck: :iconprincess-amy: Into the distance on January 18, 2013… 2Stupid2Duck Princess-Amy
:iconaeris-ucchan: Happy birthday, Marisa! on January 15, 2013… aeris-ucchan
:iconrdungan1918: Pinhole magic by rdungan1918 on January 12, 2013… rdungan1918
:iconkarenfiore: Out of the mist, by Karen on January 9, 2013… KarenFiore
:iconzeal-gjp: Serenity by Zeal-GJP on January 4, 2013… Zeal-GJP

:iconmng182: Dark tunnel by Marisa on December 21, 2012… mng182
:iconnancyvandenboom: Winter in the Netherlands by Nancy VandenBoom… NancyvandenBoom
:icongingersfunkyphotos: Scars of MS, by Ginger on December 9, 2012… gingersfunkyphotos
:iconkarenfiore: :iconnamelessfaithlessgod: Blue wings on December 8, 2012… KarenFiore NamelessFaithlessGod
:iconxcetera: Love is... by Xcetera on December 6, 2012… Xcetera
:iconthesilversunbeam: :iconastandarddeviation: :iconnadyanilo: :iconnamelessfaithlessgod: Three floating on December 2, 2011… TheSilverSunbeam AStandardDeviation Nadyanilo NamelessFaithlessGod
:iconline-of-birds: :iconwessonnative: Green and Orange on November 29, 2012… Line-of-Birds Wessonnative
:iconduncanjberry: Almost Winter by Duncan on November 26, 2012… DuncanJBerry
:iconkakaoconad: Portraits on film by kakaoconad on November 21, 2012… kakaoconad
:icongingersfunkyphotos: Wet Plate Collodion by gingersfunkyphotos on November 16… gingersfunkyphotos
:iconsilverluminosity: polka dot dress on November 9, 2012… silverluminosity
:iconmyrnajacobs: Billy Goat on November 7, 2012… myrnajacobs
:iconsnafu375: Rail eye on November 2, 2012… Snafu375
:iconspielorjh: Mucklick and Mnzznrez on October 30, 2012… Spielorjh
:iconmonochromaticembrace: Love is... on October 27, 2012… MonochromaticEmbrace
:iconmjwilliam: Firebird by Maria J. William on October 21, 2012… MJWilliam
:iconhenning: Ashra Har by henning on October 12, 2012… henning
:iconpollux-pictures: The Bridge by Pollux-Pictures on October 6, 2012… Pollux-Pictures
:iconnam-tar: Sucker Punch VIII by Nam-tar on September 29, 2012… Nam-tar
:iconshadowgirl: The Centaur by shadowgirl on September 27, 2012… shadowgirl
:iconsanguigna: La nuit by Sanguigna on September 22, 2012… sanguigna
:icongingersfunkyphotos: Sometimes it has to be black and white on September 17, 2012… gingersfunkyphotos
:iconjessicamdouglas: Daphne by Jessica Douglas on September 3, 2012… JessicaMDouglas
:iconnam-tar: You're not paying attention on August 27, 2012… Nam-tar
:iconelsakroese: Draykon on August 19, 2012… ElsaKroese Charlotte E. English
:iconanniecatblue: Welcome back, Annie on August 14, 2012… AnnieCatBlue
:iconpepitaphotoart: Path of the elves by PepitaPhotoArt on August 6, 2012… PepitaPhotoArt
:iconkevissimo: THE COST by kevissimo on July 31, 2012… kevissimo
:iconflingling: The last snow by Kajsa Flinkfeldt on July 28, 2012… Flingling
:icongriff13: Welcome back, Gregory Griffin on July 26, 2012… Griff13
:iconclippercarrillo: Soli Deo Gloria on July 23, 2012… clippercarrillo
:iconspielorjh: Steampunk Roman Dragonfly on July 20, 2012… Spielorjh
:iconmeeden: 5:30am by meeden on July 18, 2012… meeden
:iconnam-tar: Victoriana by Nam-tar on July 14, 2012… Nam-tar
:iconkassadi: Three by Kassadi Rideout on July 7, 2012… Kassadi
:iconmetal-bender: Revolution by Metal-Bender on July 5, 2012… Metal-Bender
:iconwessonnative: Waiting on Clearance on July 1, 2012… Wessonnative
:iconmonochromaticembrace: "Pray please" by Codi on June 26, 2012… MonochromaticEmbrace
:iconhorai: Jill by Bernie on June 3, 2012… horai
:iconafricanobserver: Rhodes University Library by AfricanObserver on May 27, 2012… AfricanObserver
:iconichareza: Up by ichareza on May 26, 2012… ichareza
:iconjohnhupp: My nephew's husband on May 24, 2012… JohnHupp
:iconkismetandserendipity: New avatar, compliments of GrandaughterWillow on April 23, 2012… KismetAndSerendipity
:iconduncanjberry: One Hundred by walkinghost1960 on April 9, 2012… DuncanJBerry
:iconline-of-birds: Verde Violet by Line-of-Birds on March 16, 2012… Line-of-Birds
:iconkismetandserendipity: These Days by GrandaughterWillow on March 8, 2012… KismetAndSerendipity
:iconsulamoon: Happy birthday, Sula! on March 2, 2012… SulaMoon
:iconagnsun: Agnsun's Dancers on February 29, 2012… agnsun
:iconkarenfiore: A bit of grey and splash of white... on February 25, 2012… KarenFiore
:iconpaika: Sara on February 19, 2012… paika
:icongold-seven: Sealing Maedhros' Fate on February 16, 2012… Gold-Seven
:iconanniecatblue: Hope on February 14, 2012… AnnieCatBlue
:iconuglybug: Drifters on February 11, 2012… uglybug
:iconnorthernbent: Moonrise on February 8, 2012… northernbent
:iconshadowgirl: Across on November 16, 2011… shadowgirl
:iconrachabelle: Peaceable Kingdom on October 25, 2011… Rachabelle
:iconkevissimo: Jephtha's daughter on September 13, 2011… kevissimo
:iconmelanierees: 100,000 Kiriban - MelanieRees on September 4, 2011… melanierees
:iconsilencedesreves: Happy birthday, Sara! on September 1, 2011… silencedesreves
:icondeathangelpadma: 100,000 Kiriban - deathangelpadma on August 28, 2011… deathangelpadma
:iconqualitygen: 100,005 Kiriban - QualityGen on August 23, 2011… QualityGen
:iconkeight: 100,006 Kiriban - Keight on August 20, 2011… keight
:iconyumenonikki: Edyta & Berenika (and almost 100K)  on August 17, 2011… yumenonikki
:iconrachaelm5: Jazzdragon19 on August 12, 2011… rachaelm5
:iconhermioneann: Kim and her Crochet Artistry on August 9, 2011… Hermioneann
:iconsirjumala: His sister on August 6, 2011… SirJumala
:iconexistentialdefiance: :iconpensive-painter: "One" on July 30, 2011… existentialdefiance  pensive-painter
:iconnorthernbent: Robynne and the ice fog on July 18, 2011… northernbent

:iconspielorjh: :iconloveisjustadialogue: :iconheather713: :iconjesssan: :iconjamberry-song: :icongingersfunkyphotos: :iconnadyanilo: :iconmonochromaticembrace: :iconintergrativeone:
:iconkeight: :iconduncanjberry: Kate, Duncan, and the lucky thirteen on July 9, 2011…

:iconkismetandserendipity: :icontsukiko1313: Shauna and Paige on July 6, 2011… KismetAndSerendipity Tsukiko1313
:iconschelly: Magda Nowacka on July 2, 2011… schelly
:iconcristinamassieu: Spiderspirit on June 26, 2011… CristinaMassieu
:iconspielorjh: :iconalliehartley: Birthdays on June 17, 2011… Spielorjh AllieHartley
:iconnellmckellar: Nell McKellar on June 11,

:iconroberttryon: Seeing red on May 29, 2011… RobertTryon
:icongold-seven: The teacher on May 4, 2011… Gold-Seven
:iconnamelessfaithlessgod: Airplanes and Airshows on May 3, 2011… NamelessFaithlessGod
:icondaghagerius: Dag on April 30, 2011… DagHagerius
:iconalejandretta: Nothing Hill on April 18, 2011… Alejandretta
:iconscottdoom: It's Scott Doom's birthday on April 15, 2011… scottdoom
:iconduncanjberry: Mistresses of the bedchamber on April 9, 2011… DuncanJBerry
:iconelsakroese: Elsa on April 4, 2011… ElsaKroese
:iconkarenfiore: Mother and Daughter on April 2, 2011… KarenFiore
:icontigerqueen: April 1, 2011… tigerqueen
:iconmicdt: The Human Condition on March 20, 2011… micdt
:iconthesilversunbeam: signalbox on March 18, 2011… TheSilverSunbeam
:icongingersfunkyphotos: Ginger's Funky Photos on March 11, 2011… gingersfunkyphotos
:iconprincess-amy: Amy Leigh Laverick on March 6, 2011…  Princess-Amy
:iconnam-tar: Nam-tar on February 25, 2011… Nam-tar
:iconphotofreak07: photofreak07 on February 20, 2011… photofreak07
:iconjessicadouglas: Firefly on February 13, 2011… JessicaDouglas
:iconrickagray: Rollin' in on February 7, 2011… rickagray
:iconmelanierees: Marvelous Melanie on February 1, 2011… melanierees

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How to Remove More Like This by parallellogic

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, let me not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Saint Francis of Assisi

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silencedesreves Feb 1, 2014  Student General Artist
I am grateful for everything and everyone in my life, every single day. Thank you for everything, Steve!
pearwood Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Line-of-Birds Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I am so grateful for all the years I've counted you as a friend. I hope we have many many more!
Merry Christmas Steve. 
pearwood Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks, Kim. :hug:
Line-of-Birds Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
:xmas: :snowing: :xmas:
mng182 Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
<3 I hope you had a great thanksgiving! :D
pearwood Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks, Marisa.  We got out to see my sister-in-law and her family.  They are near the top of our favorite-people list.
Nam-tar Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you! A bit late, but I haven't been here for a while. Take care and have a good one!
pearwood Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Ya, so I noticed.  Been busy shooting?
Nam-tar Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Far from it, unfortunately. Done some pictures, but less than I would want to. I still need to post shots from May. Not mentioning a lot to post process shot in the meantime. Most of the time took job (moved a bit up on the ladder at work ;)) We have been also organizing a SF&F/gaming convention, here in Krakow and it consumed a lot (read: all) of my spare time in the 2013.

Hopefully I will find now a spare moment to dig thorough all that 'needs to be done' photo work :)

Take care and all the best!
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